Networking for business development


Many people who participate in events find it difficult to mix easily with clients and contacts and so fail to network in an effective way. They need to have a clear strategy in their approach to networking at events and one that enables them to be confident in their ability to portray themselves in the best possible way. Good, effective networking skills enhance existing relationships and develop new contacts.

This interactive workshop will teach participants to understand and use effective listening and communication skills.



1. To learn how to plan for events

2. To learn key tips for effective presentation

3. To develop more effective skills in listening and communicating with others

4. To gain an awareness of the effect you have on others

5. To learn how to follow up opportunities



Consideration of personal objectives

• Planning for the event

• At the event – tactics to adopt

• How to ‘hook’ people; Effective listening and questioning techniques

• The rules of schmoozing – the dos and donts

• Staying in touch



At the end of this course participants should:

• Be able to present themselves more effectively

• Become more effective listeners

• Understand models of communication

• Put effective communication and listening skills into practice

• Develop an understanding of what makes people remember them



Presenter: Peter Warner