Presentation skills workshop


Most of us communicate reasonably well in day to day conversation. We get by. As lawyers we are skilled in understanding the law and its application to the facts of client matters or transactions. We do our best to communicate effectively with clients and will strive to ensure that we deliver a first class service to them.

However when we want to develop business in making presentations to existing or prospective clients we may need other skills when confronted with a more selective and demanding audience than our existing client base.

Some appear blessed a natural speakers and others wonder at their self-assurance and ease in establishing rapport with their audience. The majority, on the other hand, find speaking in public at best a chore and at worst completely terrifying!

This workshop is based on practical experience and gives participants an opportunity to develop and practise their presentation skills so that they become confident in their ability to speak and communicate effectively.



To learn how to prepare a presentation

To be aware of the different styles appropriate to types of presentation

To practise the delivery of a short presentation



How to make a positive impact as a speaker

• Planning and preparing to speak

• The use of notes and visual aids

• Audience engagement

• Practising your skills



Participants will

• Understand the key principles of effective presentation

• Be able to plan and structure a brief presentation

• Gain confidence in speaking to an audience



PRESENTER Peter Warner